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About Us

- Amanda Skou, Author -

I'm Amanda Skou, the author of Superhero Joey!  My dream for this book series was to help parents, and their newly diagnosed children, under stand their disease.  Epilepsy and seizures are not common, and for parents, like me, have very little knowledge.  I wanted to provide them with a fun story line to help make it not so scary.  Hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah, about the author: I was born and raised in Southern Minnesota, USA.  I studied to be a teacher in college, but took a different road after graduation.  I've worked in retail, in a college, in insurance, and now self published author.  I am married and we have three kids, two who have Epilepsy.  They each have different types too.       

- Joey Skou, Co-author -

​​​​I am Joey Skou, co-author of the book, Superhero Joey.  I am the oldest in my family, and have a younger brother and sister.  I love Leopards, wild cats of all kinds, I like sport, (especially football), video games, art, and of course school.  My brother and I have Epilepsy, and are our mom's Superheros!     

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