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About Superhero Joey

Hi!  I am Joey Skou, and this book was written about me!  I helped my mom with the story, so I am a co-writer.  I am in elementary school, and I like sports, to sing and to play video games. 

Just like in the book, I also like to be a helper! 

I hope you enjoy our book series! 

See our story below about our book:

(Thank you Beth Worsdell for the interview!)


"I learned a lot about Epilepsy and I think it is cool how Joey talks so openly about it."

"5 star book-this book is great for all ages, being able to educate my children on this topic in a fun creative way!"

"What a great book!  The characters make the story fun and interesting.  Even more important there are great lessons to be learned in the book.  First, you can learn more about Epilepsy which affects many people.  Second, Superhero Joey gives a great example to all of us about helping others."

Avery E. age 9, Rosemount, MN

Jessica R, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Matt E.  Rosemount, MN

You have a wonderful book!  I enjoyed reading it this morning.  I wish you both much success in the future.

Patricia,  Wisconsin

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